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The Center supports and maintains three basic categories of applications software:

  • General-purpose tools, libraries, and environments (e.g., ScaLAPACK, FFTw, Matlab)
  • Domain-specific open-source software (e.g., R/Bioconductor, GAMESS, abinit, MrBayes, NAMD/VMD)
  • Domain-specific licensed software (e.g., Gaussian '09, COMSOL, VASP)

Since high-performance computing software is typically tuned for specific architectures (single node/multi-threaded vs. MPI, for instance), not all software packages will be installed on all machines. In addition, due to the availability of multiple compilers and communication libraries, certain software packages may be available as alternative executables. To check software availability on a given machine at CARC, use the "module avail" command (see Using modules for setting application environments), or check the "motd" on login.

To request the installation of a software package on specific CARC systems, or to request access to existing software with licensing restrictions, contact Please provide the following information in your request:

· Name of software and website for downloads or licensing.

· Version requested (note: the Center does not typically install beta-test software for users, except under a restricted-access arrangement).

· If the software is licensed/restriced access, provide the name of the PI on the project in order to verify access.

· If the software requires a new license purchase, provide the name of the PI so that they can be contacted directly.

· Any specific compilation or library requests (e.g., Intel vs. PGI vs. GNU compilers; MPICH vs. Open MPI, etc.)

If you are interested in a licensed software suite that is too expensive for single-PI purchase, please contact the director to inquire about the possibility of a faculty consortium purchase coordinated by the Center.