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Facilities description

The UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC) supports high performance and data intensive computing by the entire UNM community. Resources available to support this project include the 280-node/2240-core Wheeler capacity compute cluster, the 32-node Xena NVIDIA GPU cluster, and the 1.5PB Research Storage Consortium storage system.

These systems are housed in CARC's dedicated research data center with 2 UPS systems and 3 Liebert AC systems; together they provide 270 kVa of UPS capacity and 70 tons of dedicated cooling, maintaining a time window for riding out transient power loss or cleanly shutting down systems in the event of longer outages.

CARC systems are connected to campus by multiple 10G connections, including a dedicated 10G connection to UNM's Science DMZ research network. Wide-area Internet connectivity to UNM includes 100G connections to the DOE Energy Sciences Network (ESNet) and the Western Regional Network, both through the Albuquerque Gigapop.

A summary of CARC compute resources can be found in the table on the systems page.