SC18 research posters

The Center for Advanced Research Computing took a collection of digital posters highlighting computational research at UNM to SC18, the premier supercomputing event.

Biologist looks at genetic past of viruses to try to predict future outbreaks

Research aims to help patients at risk for diabetic blindness

Researchers collaborate to expand arts, engineering connection

Research finds links between board networks, company success

Spatial clustering of metal and metalloid mixtures in unregulated water sources on the Navajo Nation

A computational model for regulation of nanoscale glucan exposure in Candida albicans

Database of deceased people a national first

LANL-CARC collaboration works to prevent wildfires

Libraries, CARC join to preserve research data

Looking for ways to prevent railroad overpass damage

Robot swarms aid NASA Mars journey

Working to meet wind power goals

HPC Hyper-Converged Virtualized Software-Defined Storage Framework

SMW GLOWpod project looks toward futuristic farming

CARC recipient of grants for cyberinfrastructure optimization, protecting sensitive data, SMART Grid projects

Los Alamos National Laboratory UltraScale Systems Research Center 2018 Summer Research Symposium Student projects

Power Management for Raspberry Pi Clusters

Designing a Versatile Software Build Cluster Using Open Build Service

Link-State Routing for Compute Nodes Within a Cluster

Neutron Scattering Models of Computer Hardware Using MCNP6

Using CI/CD to Automate Cluster Setup and Initialization

NMSU student research posters

Fault Tolerance Performance Evaluation of Large Scale Distributed Storage Systems: HDFS and Ceph Case Study

Exploring Sparse Matrix Vector on EMU

The Technicolor Dawn Simulations

BIGDATA: Collaborative research: F: Discovering context-sensitive impact in complex systems

A phylogenetically informed investigation of transcriptome evolution and transcriptome response of the tropical crop genus Leucaena to psyllid herbivores

New computational chemistry methods to quantify the properties of atoms in materials