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Featured Projects

The following feature articles highlight research projects done using resources at the Center for Advanced Research Computing.

Robot swarms aid NASA journey to Mars

The Mars rover Curiosity is in the news right now as NASA celebrates the robot’s five-year sojourn across the planet surface. The rover is sending back breathtaking images and collecting data in anticipation of humans arriving in the 2030s. But before humans arrive, a swarm of smaller robots may already be on the planet, navigating the terrain and working together like a colony of ants to collect resources.

UNM researchers work to meet wind power goal

There is a national goal to increase wind energy in the United States to meet 20 percent of the demand for electricity by the year 2030. However, there are some challenges to reaching this goal. Two of the issues facing wind energy farms are the wakes emitted from each turbine, which reduces the efficiency of turbines around them, and the noise levels caused by the rotors. Dr. Sang Leeand his team are using the resources at the UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing to overcome these issues in order to build more efficient, more powerful wind turbines and wind farms to meet that goal.

Research aims to help patients at risk for diabetic blindness

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world and affects up to 80 percent of diabetic patients. However, with proper detection, the effects of DR can be often treated and blindness prevented. Computer Science doctoral student Jeremy Benson is looking at more effective screening methods.

LANL-CARC collaboration works to improve wildfire simulation program

A collaboration between Los Alamos National Laboratories and CARC is helping the lab improve a wildfire simulation program, as well as preparing students for careers in scientific research.

CARC helps UNM race car team’s need for speed

The University of New Mexico Formula SAE is making race cars go faster with CARC's help.

Researchers seek ‘magic bullet’ using CARC systems

UNM researchers are working to encapsulate toxic chemotherapy in nanoparticles.

UNM researchers tackle next generation of VR display

UNM researchers work to solve a visual issue that leaves VR users with sickening symptoms.

Mountain Lions on the Edge

New research is looking at Integrating Conservation into Urban Planning through Predictive Modeling: Can city dwellers and wildlife coexist safely and peacefully?

UNM physicist discovers strange forces acting on nanoparticles

A new scientific paper published, in part, by a University of New Mexico physicist is shedding light on a strange force impacting particles at the smallest level of the material world.

Theoretical physicists at UNM manipulate light with nanoscale objects

Scientists at The University of New Mexico studying the field of nanophotonics are developing new perspectives never seen before through their research. In turn, the understanding of these theoretical concepts is enabling physical scientists to create more efficient nanostructures.