About the CSE program

The Computational Science & Engineering (CSE) Certificate Program at the University of New Mexico is an interdisciplinary graduate program aimed at promoting advanced research in the computational sciences, including applications, algorithms, and architectures. It is open to students who already have a graduate degree in a mathematical, scientific or engineering discipline. Its purpose is to prepare students to effectively use high-performance computing within their disciplines.

The CSE program is administered by the Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC). CARC's Director serves as the CSE Program Director. The CSE Program Committee consists of the Program Director and Faculty Coordinators. The computational resources of the Center are available to all students enrolled in the program, as part of their course work and thesis/dissertation research.

CSE students will gain expertise in:

  • state-of-the-art numerical methods
  • high-performance computing architectures
  • software development tools for parallel and accelerator (GPU, Xeon Phi)-based architectures
  • application of advanced hardware and software to the analysis of problems in science and engineering

Students may earn a CSE certificate in conjunction with their master's or doctorate degree, or, if they already have a graduate degree, they may enroll in the program to obtain a separate CSE certificate.

Admission to the CSE Program requires prior acceptance in a UNM degree program within a participating department. Prospective students who fulfill the program prerequisites can submit an application here.

Additional information about the program can be obtained by emailing csecert@carc.unm.edu.