Elective courses & participating departments

The following courses are officially approved electives for the CSE Program.  Additionally, each semester certain special topics courses may also be approved for credit, following evaluation by the CSE Program Director.  Please see the online Course Catalog for courses offered during the current semester.

Nuclear Engineering
NE 462 Monte Carlo Techniques for Nuclear Systems

Civil Engineering
CE 502 Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics 
CE 548 Fuzzy Logic and Applications

Computer Science/ Electrical & Computer Engineering
CS 481/ECE 437L Computer Operating Systems
CS 531/ECE 517 Machine Learning Pattern Recognition
CS 532/ECE 516 Computer Vision
CS 547/ECE 547 Neural Networks 

Computer Science
CS 427/527 Principles of Artificially Intelligent Machines
CS 485 Intro to Computer Networks 
CS 491/591 Learning from the Cognitive, Computational and Neuroscience Perspectives 
CS 530 Geometric and Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science 
CS 533 Experimental Methods in Computer Science 
CS 564 Intro to Database Management 
CS 587 Advanced Operating Systems 
CS 591 Topics in Scientific Visualization

Electrical & Computer Engineering
ECE 438 Computer Design
ECE 440 Introduction to Computer Networks 
ECE 506 Optimization Theory 
ECE 533 Digital Image Processing 
ECE 537 Foundations of Computing
ECE 538 Advanced Computer Architecture 
ECE 540 Advanced Networking
ECE 563 Computational Methods in Electromagnetics
ECE 595 Virtual Reality and Visualization Technologies
ECE 637 Advanced Parallel Algorithms

Mathematics & Statistics
Math 504/CS 575 Introductory Numerical Analysis: Numerical Linear Algebra 
Math 505/CS 576 Introductory Numerical Analysis: Approximation and Differential Equations 
Math 570 Asymptotics and Singular Perturbations
Math 576 Numerical Linear Algebra
Math 578 Numerical Partial Differential Equations
Math 579 Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations

Mechanical Engineering
ME 500 Numerical Techniques in Mechanical Engineering 
ME 504 Computational Mechanics

Participating departments