CARC strategic plan


The Center for Advanced Research Computing is the hub of computational research and education at
the University of New Mexico. CARC houses the largest high‐performance computing resource at UNM
and is hub for the UNM high‐speed research network. A base level of access to CARC systems is available
to faculty, staff, and students free of charge. CARC’s computing resources can be accessed at any time
remotely, while CARC staff are on hand during business hours to assist.

In keeping with the Office of the Vice President of Research’s Research2020 plan, we have developed a
strategic plan to better meet the needs of our users. We are also working to develop a sustainable
funding model to enable the expansion of our systems and services as demand for CARC services grows
and evolves. One piece of this plan is a cost model to address services needed beyond the free baseline.

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