Premium research computing services

To support users with needs consistently above the free baseline service, CARC has a UNM-approved cost model for charging for cluster nodes in the Taos condo cluster, VM hosting, dedicated storage, and custom system administration and application support. If you are not sure if you need to use the cost model, please contact us for assistance.

Costs in this model are broken into three components:

  1. Infrastructure is the cost of non-major equipment – things like racks, power supplies, and the like. Depending on the size of the purchase, some items in this category may be shared resources and are priced accordingly.
  2. Service is the cost of CARC staff required to install and administer the purchase.
  3. Capital hardware is the cost of major equipment, and is excluded from F&A. These rates can be used to estimate expenses, but this will be billed based on actual cost from the vendor(s).

The cost model calculator worksheet will allow you to determine the cost of equipment for grant budgets. Clicking on an item title will provide a more detailed description. The worksheet breaks costs into the categories listed above to assist in budget planning.

Worksheet example:

cost model pricing 2021