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Scheduled Maintenance/Downtime

For the upcoming Q2 PM, machine downtimes (starting between 7 and 8 a.m. on the specified day) will be as follows:

Wednesday, April 7th - CARC firewall, license servers, sshgw machines

Note:  From ~8-11 a.m. while we are upgrading the CARC firewall, all CARC services (website, email, ssh login, help system, etc.) will also be unavailable.

Wednesday, April 14th - Wheeler and Taos

Wednesday, April 21st - Xena and Gibbs

All home directories will be backed up in advance of the PMs. However, please note that scratch storage is *NOT* backed up. Jobs submitted with requested runtimes that would extend beyond the start of a given machine's maintenance period will remain queued but will not begin to execute until the machine returns to production.